KleenChamps Africa Limited is an industrial restoration and protective company that offers restoration services for all types of your building’s exterior and interior surfaces (walls, floors, rooftops) such as, concrete, alucobond, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, terrazzo, marbles, stonewalls, limestone, aluminium surfaces, brickwalls, cabro, sinks to any other similar surfaces. Most of the building’s surfaces fade with time due to exposure to harsh weather conditions while some are infested by molds, lichens, algae, mildew, dirt, grime, deep stains, moss,mushroom growth,rust, scratches and effloresence. Here is where we come in with a solution as we are able to transform and restore such surfaces back to their primary original appearance, restoring the faded colour, removing any deep rust stains or growths and protect them with a coating which retains the surfaces colour for over 15 years. We also provide an invisible waterproof coating that is repellant to any form of water/liquid.

We know how important it is for you to retain your building’s appearance and we strive to assist you with all of your exterior restoration services. We use scientifically proven solutions (machines and products) which are eco-friendly and specifically designed in just doing this job. Our services help protect and prolong longevity of your building appearance despite being exposed to harsh weather.

We have advanced ultra-modern technology coupled with very highly skilled professionals and usage of the finest materials and innovative techniques in providing undisputed solutions to our customers. We pride ourselves as one of the leading service providers offering highly valued solutions matching our customers’ requirements and adding value for their money.

Our high-tech machines are engineered for deep cleaning of exterior surfaces in an unrivaled efficient and environmentally friendly style like no other methods. We use a multi-patented cleaning and recovery system which removes all stubborn stains while retaining the surface’s original form.

Our restoration and protective products are tested and proven in the developed world, durable and gentle on the surfaces. They protect the surfaces from decolorization, corrosion, and resistant to adverse harsh weather conditions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading African company specialising in unrivalled restoration services in exterior and interior building surfaces, cleaning, and maintenance throughout the African continent and beyond.

Our Mission

Our focus is to listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide the exceptional level of residential and Aluminium restoration services.

Core Values

  • Professionalism:

    Our team of competent staff delivers specialised services to our clients each day.
  • Innovation & Dynamism:

    KleenChamps is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways of delivering value through research and development.
  • Client satisfaction:

    The core existence of KleenChamps is based on service to our clients. To this end, the team always seeks to ensure client expectations are met through delivering great results.
  • Teamwork:

    Collaboration is at the centre of delivering world class services to our clients. We work together towards a shared vision and recognise that teams accomplish more than individuals. We have assembled the right people for the job leveraging individual strengths and diversity in order to be more productive.
  • Integrity:

    At KleenChamps in delivering services, we embrace honesty and we strive being straightforward and truthful in all professional and business relationships.

Brilliant service levels

Our tried, tested and proven processes, plus an in-depth understanding of a wide range of building materials, allows us to offer unsurpassed standards of cleaning, whilst mitigating the risk of damage.

  • Process

    we follow tried, tested and proven processes which guarantee the best possible cleaning results whilst mitigating the risk of damage.

  • Experience

    Our in-depth understanding of a wide range of building materials enables us to offer unsurpassed standards of cleaning.

  • Skill

    we have a team of qualified, experienced personnel who are highly skilled in pressurised steam cleaning and media blasting.